Bouillabaisse DinNer


Apéritif: Olives and nuts

Main: Bouillabaisse

Dessert: Crème caramel  
**** BYO ****

What is Bouillabaisse? 

Pronunce Boo ya bess
Bouillabaisse had fairly humble beginnings as a soup cooked by fishermen in Marseilles, Provence. Fish not destined for market were boiled in a cauldron on the beach with shellfish and spices. Traditional bouillabaisse contains several kinds of fish and must include scorpion fish. Saffron, orange zest and fennel are some of the other key flavours. The soup is served  with toasted slices of baguette spread with potato rouille (this tastes marvellous even without the soup).
This fish lover dish is a landmark of Marseille and its colorful culture.

Saturday 14th of September at 6:30pm

Machan Beach Community Hall, 82 Tucker St, Machan Beach

What shall I bring?
A smile! This event is BYO so feel free to bring something to drink.

$30 for members // $35 for non-members
$15 for children between 7yo and 15 yo (please be mindful that if your child is older, you will be asked to pay full price)
Free for little ones under 7yo

This dish requires lengthy preparation so it is CRUCIAL that you book in advance as we will not be able accommodate guests that have not booked.


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